All about renting scooters and bikes in Nha Trang + prices and contacts verified renters in 2020.

Hello everyone, my name is Dan Vetrov. The last couple of years I live in Vietnam, in  Nha Trang. At the first time I was here as an ordinary tourist, by a ticket from a tour operator 4 years ago. Those 10 days flew by for me like an instant. The country made a lasting impression on me and I promised myself to come back here. This opportunity came up to me after 2 years, and having collected the most necessary, I went. Having lived here for a week, I realized that to explore the country to the maximum, I need to move somehow. Having loсked through all possible options, I still chose the bike. And today I am ready to share with you my experience and knowledge of renting and buying a bike. During those two years, I had time to gain experience, and I have something to tell. In this article I will answer all the main questions related to the rental and purchase of a motorbike in Vietnam. And so Let's go)

Price for renting bikes in the company Getbike

Nuova 5-6
Nuova 6

Sym Atilla

140,000 VND / day

3,400,000 VND / month

Middle millage


Price for rent for 3 days and more. The cost
of renting up to 3 days, check with the manager.



Yamaha Nuova 2-3

160,000 VND / day

4,200,000 VND / month

Middle millage


Price for rent for 3 days and more. The cost
of renting up to 3 days, check with the manager.



Sym Excel 2

180,000 VND / day

4,500,000 VND / month

Middle millage


Price for rent for 3 days and more. The cost
of renting up to 3 days, check with the manager.



Yamaha Nuova 6

250,000 VND / day

5,000,000 VND / month

Middle millage


Price for rent for 3 days and more. The cost
of renting up to 3 days, check with the manager.



Yamaha NVX

400,000 VND / day

5,800,000 VND / month

Middle millage


Price for rent for 3 days and more. The cost
of renting up to 3 days, check with the manager.



Book Bike


In Vietnam, as in all countries of South Asia motorbike is the main mode of transport. In every family, there is at least one scooter. This is due to the presence of poorly developed public transport, and the car can only afford a very wealthy Vietnamese, because the cost of a new car is very high because of the existing tax on the import of imported goods. Therefore, the owner is forced to pay a fee for paperwork, buying a car, and the cost of duty is a multiple of the cost of the car. In addition, every year you need to pay 20% tax for the right to use the car. The reason for such taxation is that countries do not have their own automobile industry and all transport comes from abroad. For Vietnam it is a big amount of money, so the country's roads overflowed motorbikes and scooters, which in addition to the local population, and tourists use. They can rent a bike without any problems.


The necessity of a motorbike in Vietnam

As I wrote earlier, Vietnam is poorly developed public transport, and the price of cars is very high, the scooter in fact, remains the only available way to travel around the country. Anyone can rent a bike, at a convenient time for him.

If you come here for a short time, you can think about the option of renting a car or Bicycle. But neither one nor the other option does not give you such freedom of movement as a motorbike. On the bike you will not go far, especially in the heat of 30 degrees. And renting a car can bring a lot of difficulties. If you do not have international rights of the relevant category, this option will not suit you. And when renting a bike right with you do not even ask.

After all, the freer you will be in their movements, the more you can see. Few people want to spend the whole holiday lying on the beach and sipping cocktails. Any normal tourist will want to visit as many attractions and interesting places. And when you have your own bike, you can easily go to meet new experiences, the main thing is not to forget to bring a camera and a good mood.

Where to rent a motorbike

The first question you will face when you decide to rent a motorbike, where is it better and more profitable to take it? Let's look at two main options for scooter rental.

Inexpensive, but long

This option is suitable for those who arrived in the country for a long time and can spend a few days to search  the bike. Also for those who do not want to overpay and seeks to find the most favorable offer for renting.

Be prepared that you will have to walk a lot and constantly communicate and be in touch with the tenants. No need to start searching immediately upon arrival, better relax and recover at the hotel, and in the morning with renewed vigor, go explore the local rental offers.

You should clearly make a plan to find the right bike for you and not take the first one for yourself. Walking down the street, pay attention to the signs “Bike for rent”, they are easy to notice  by means of a large cluster of motorbikes.Go there, choose a model and find out the price. And so after a few rent places, you will be able to conclude that the average cost of renting a scooter. Do not hesitate to bargain, sometimes the price of the bike can be reduced by half. It is not always possible to find a good bike at a bargain price in a short period of time, usually have to work hard. The downside of this method is the fact that you can get a tenant who will set much higher than average, and will assure you that it should be!

In General, get ready to walk a lot and always be careful if you decide on this way to find a motorbike.

For example, when I  rented a bike for the first time , I spent a week searching to find a powerful and comfortable bike. I went around dozens of tenants and at the end of the search was so tired that I wanted to have one, just sit on an iron horse and rush off into the sunset.

Therefore, it is more convenient to take advantage of the Internet and order a bike online with delivery, but more on that.

Fast, but expensive

If you plan to stay in Vietnam for no more than a month and do not want to bother yourself with searching,  you should contact the large companies that are engaged in transport rental. As a rule, prices there are twice as high, but the level of service is appropriate. You will at least speak English with you, and if you are very lucky, you will speak Russian.

Renting a bike there, you can be sure that you will not be deceived and will be given a bike, fully equipped with everything you need and ready for long trips.

Order a motorbike via the Internet

Sure  this is the most attractive option for renting a scooter. But there are a number of problems. First there is bad Internet In Vietnam that would go online you will need a certain amount of patience. Secondly, it is the carelessness of the Vietnamese. Thirdly, you will not know for certain what bike you bring. That is, making out the rent via the Internet, sometimes you order a pig in a poke. Fourth, virtually none of the companies from whom you can order via the Internet, you still will have to decide.

So my friends and I made a list of renters. you can find them by clicking on the link ССЫЛКА

In addition, you can use our service and rent a bike on the website, having at its disposal almost brand new bike with low mileage and without any technical problems. In addition, the cost of rental is almost no different from the street points, and the quality of service at times better, which makes this method even more attractive.

Cost of rent

In Nha Trang there are a sufficient number of rental outlets, which presents a huge range of motorbikes. But, as a rule, they do not really have a difference between them. For example, to rent a full motorcycle, you have to try very hard.

The most popular models of scooters with an engine capacity of 100-150 cm cube. The rental price will depend on the brand and rental period of the bike. For example Yamaha Nuovo will cost you 150 000 thousand Dong, and Honda PCX 200 000 thousand Dong.

If you have plans to rent for a long time, you can get a nice bonus in the form of discounts. Or to agree with the owner on the sale of a motorbike. Sometimes it is more profitable to buy than to rent. Especially in Nha Trang prices do not bite, as in the same Muyna.

Let's say if you compare the rental and purchase of a motorbike, then you will give for hire 130 000- 150 000 thousands of Dong per day, that is approximately 4 000 000 - 4 500 000 millions a month. If you take a good deal, you can bargain up to 3 000 000 million Dong. If we take into account that you plan to go 3 months, you will have to pay 9 million Dong. You can certainly find cheaper, but there will be completely “dead” motorbike.

Therefore, it is much more profitable for you to buy a supported unit. For 7-8 million Dong, you can find a good moped, which also then you can resell.

Prices will vary depending on the season, so in December-January the peak, and the cost of bikes will be 1. 5-2 times higher than from February to April. In addition to prices, the season depends on the range of motorbikes, as for many Vietnamese rent and sale of bikes, is the main income.

Contacts of the best tenants

All the best and proven point where you can rent a motorbike, located in the heart of tourist Nha Trang, on the waterfront near the shopping center. Going on a search, look there first .

What will it take to rent a bike

The first thing you need to rent a motorbike, it is of course the money that you give directly during the use of transport. But many will ask: what about bail? Here everything is quite interesting, the availability of collateral will depend on the specific tenant. Some may ask you to leave a Deposit of money, usually from 100 to 300 dollars, while others will ask for a passport. Someone will have enough data about your place of residence or a photocopy of documents.

The only thing I can say, in places where you are asked to leave your passport, rent a motorbike is not worth it. In case of any problems with the bike, you will set the price for repair 5 times above the market price, and until you pay, you will not see the passport. In addition, this is the only document that gives you the right to be in the country legally. Having lost it, you have no right to be in Vietnam.

Moreover, when renting, it is better to have cash with you, rather than Bank cards, because there are few places where they are accepted. And it is desirable that it was the local currency, as the rate at the rental points, is not equal to the Bank rate, I would even call it predatory.

Among other things, renting a bike you need to have an insurance policy, which will indicate that you can count on treatment and insurance payments, doing outdoor activities. As a rule, the standard insurance from the tour operator does not include such an item. Therefore, if you plan to ride a bike, separately include it in the price. If you ride as an independent tourist, everything is much easier, because you choose what to include in the insurance policy.

Guide to the bikes, which is better to rent

To be honest, most of the rental bikes in Nha Trang is full of trash. Who was in Thailand and waiting for this quality bikes here, I want to disappoint you, it is not. All transport here, the price of which is less than 130 000 thousand Dong, will give you a lot of problems, or it will be very outdated model. Below I gave a list of the most attractive models of bikes.

  1. SYM ATILLA – great scooter, which is perfect for urban driving. The advantages include a flat floor under your feet. In the case of large purchases, there can be put one or two bags. Also provides hooks to a package. Quite roomy trunk under the seat, easily accommodates two helmets. Among the shortcomings, many note the lack of engine power, but again, for city trips it is a great bike.
  2. Yamaha Nuova – this bike is designed for motorists who already have driving experience. A great option for those who want to travel all over the country. Quite roomy fuel tank, which will allow you to easily drive about 200-250 km without refueling.
  3. SYM Excel 2 – comfortable and maneuverable bike on which the whole family can safely move. On it you can easily get out on a family outing near Nha Trang.
  4. Honda PCX CC – thoroughbred Japanese for fans of fast driving. Easy to operate, quite maneuverable and comfortable to manage. It is no problem to move together and over long distances
  5. Yamaha NVX – is one of the most popular models in the country. The bike has earned its audience because of the speed. In addition, it is quite economical, which will allow you to travel long distances. This model has only one disadvantage, it is designed for one person.
  6. Suzuki Hayate – if you are tall, this model is created especially for you. In its class, perhaps the most economical bike. And due to the fact that the center of gravity is shifted forward, the scooter fits perfectly into any turns. The power of this model without problems is enough to drag two passengers into the hill.
  7. Honda Scoopy – scooter, which is perfect for fragile girls or beginners. It has a low center of gravity and thus quite maneuverable and stable. More suitable for trips around the city, but no one can forbid you to drive it all the surrounding area.

When you are choosing a bike, consider a few criteria:

  • Availability of passengers
  • Who will be driving, girl or guy
  • And of course, driving experience

Most importantly, remember that if your chosen model of scooter seem not comfortable, you can always exchange it for another.

Technical characteristics of bikes

Model of a bike Engine capacity, cm3 Fuel consumption, km/l

Maintenance of bikes

If you rent a bike, the tenant is responsible for the technical condition. All repairs falls on his shoulders, and in the case of serious damage you are required to replace the scooter. But this does not mean that you should not check the technical condition of the bike before leaving the road.

The first step is to check the brakes, engine and steering wheel. It is advisable to make a test race, so you can understand how the scooter will behave on the road. If you have any doubts about the selected device, it is better to abandon the idea to rent it and look for another. Then inspect the appearance, if there are any defects on the body, point to the owner. The ideal option would be to take a picture of the bike, so you can prove that you are not guilty of these injuries.

But if you buy a bike, repair and maintenance will produce themselves. I doubt that for all the time driving, you at least do not need to pump the wheels. There are many Services in Nha Trang , but the problem is that not all speak English, and even more so in Russian. Better of course, to know in advance the contacts of workshops. You can do this by asking the seller or on the Russian forums on the Internet.

The documents for the bike

If we consider the option of renting a bike, the documents that you need to provide is a rental ticket and insurance policy. But if you plan to go without a license, the policy will not be useful to you, as in an accident, you will in any case be guilty.

But when buying a motorbike there are a number of nuances.

Buying a new motorbike in the showroom

To formalize the scooter for you, you will definitely require right. If you do not have them, do not despair. You can find a Vietnamese friend and make a purchase for him, and then he will write a General power of attorney for you.

Second hand purchase

Buying used bike, you should always be careful. In no case do not buy the device without documents, as there is an option to get on the stolen bike. If you buy from the first owner, then you will write a General power of attorney and your scooter. But if the device has already been in several hands, you must provide the entire history of powers of attorney from the first owner, which is inscribed in the PTS.

Buying from dealers

This is the most popular way for tourists. You write out a receipt of sale on the official form, where the address and all the details of the organization, and you become the rightful owner of the motorbike. This paper gives you a guarantee that all the responsibility that the bike is not stolen, takes over the dealer.

I also want to give you a tip, always carry the originals with you, because if they steal, the thieves will only have to drive your bike without any obstacles resell it.

Bikes with delivery

In Vietnam, you can find such a service as the delivery of bikes in a convenient place for you. But there are nuances, usually this service is available to those who plan to rent a bike for at least a week. Since it is not profitable for the landlord to bring you a scooter if you plan to ride it for a couple of days.

In my experience I would say that the local tenants will drive the bike for free, unless of course you are not far from the point of hire, the approximate radius of 5-7 km. If rent in Russian, often you make concessions and you can drive the bike to the limits of their deployment, or even on the other side of town. But for this the term of the lease must be reasonable, that the tenant knew that their services provide useful.

Local rarely go to such extremes for their services and usually ask for an extra 5 bucks.

Delivery motorbike goes like this. Two Vietnamese come to you on two scooters, one leave you, and on the other bike they leave. But we must take into account the fact that the Vietnamese are people who lead a measured lifestyle and delivery can be delayed for the whole day. I personally got into a similar situation, so if you use this service, just set the time, up to the minute.

How to travel safely on the roads of Vietnam

When you first get to Vietnam, it seems that safe movement on the roads of the country is simply impossible. It's like you're falling into a seething cauldron of chaos. So that would confidently sit behind the wheel of the bike, you need to know and understand the basic principles and features of local traffic and rules. Below I will describe in more detail how things really are on the roads of Nha Trang and Vietnam as a whole.

The movement of the bands

Traffic in Vietnam is quite different than we are used to, this is due to the large number of two-wheeled transport.

Therefore, outside the city on the roads instead of the roadside, covered with gravel, asphalt dedicated lanes, which are designed specifically for motorbikes, bicycles and so on. Go to the strip for cars you no one forbids, the main thing is not to forget that the advantage of driving here for the car. That is, in the case of the same overtaking, you will need to return to your lane. But rebuilding to the right, pay attention to the road surface, because local do not shy away from sometimes drying rice on the roadside.

But moving around the city suggests that you can move on any of the bands. In large cities, their number reaches up to 5 pieces in one direction. But this does not mean that you will not meet the driver of the scooter, which will move against the “wool”. Here it is normal, all road users are aware of this, so do not be afraid. As a rule, the “counter” moves very carefully and misses all.

The priorities of the vehicle on the road

The most important transport on the road are buses. Usually they drive at high speed on the left extreme lane, constantly overtake and honking, so just try not to give in. So be very careful if on your way there is a bus.

Rangefinders and various trucks, moving at a constant speed, when overtaking or rebuilding always include a turn signal. At unregulated intersections have an advantage over motorbikes.

Small trucks, this is the most crazy transport. We must always be ready for unexpected maneuvers on their part. They do not bother about what can prevent someone from rebuilding or reversal. Our drivers of gazelles in comparison with the Vietnamese, are a model of good behavior on the roads.

Simple cars, this is perhaps the most predictable transport, once again try not to risk, keep the speed limit and rarely overtake.

Motorcycles and scooters have the lowest priority on the roads of Vietnam. Their main task is not to interfere with four-wheeled transport.

I would like to say about pedestrians. If you prefer to move on foot, then crossing the road always keep your ear in sharp, because no one will miss you, even at a pedestrian crossing.

Traffic at intersections

Many drivers are faced with difficulties when driving intersections, because it is very difficult to understand when you can go and when you need to stop.

Regulated intersections.

This version of the intersection provides two possibilities of travel. The first, when there is a sign that allows the red traffic light turn right. But do not forget at this point to miss the oncoming traffic. So always pay attention whether there is a sign or not. It looks like: green arrow - you can go all road users, the traffic light with the bike moving to the right is only allowed bikes.

The second way how to pass the regulated intersection is an unspoken rule and is not regulated in any way. On especially loaded sites, at first pass those to whom it is necessary to turn left, and then all the others.

Unregulated intersections.

In this case, it is necessary to observe a number of basic rules.

  • The whole heavy-haul transport has the priority.
  • Try to join a large stream, so much easier to pass the intersection. One you will never miss, but if a small group, then you will have a better chance.

But the most important thing is not to make sharp maneuvers, predictability,that's what makes your crossing safe.

Speed mode

In Vietnam, fast driving is a rare phenomenon on the roads. For motorbikes, the following speed limits are installed:

  • In the city up to 40 km / h
  • Outside the city up to 60 km / h

Sometimes you can meet local drivers who break the rules, but do not look up to them. Since Vietnam has a special demand from foreign tourists. If the Vietnamese forgive the violation of the rules and may not even stop, then seeing on the horizon of a European who is racing at high speed, without hesitation will stop and write a fine.

In addition, I would not advise to drive more and because the movement is very difficult. And every time someone tries to wedge himself in front of you. Agree it is easier to slow down to 40 km/h than at 70 km/h So do not exceed the speed for their own safety.


  • Riding without helmet 100 000 - 200 000 thousand Dong
  • Speeding at 5 km / h 100 000 - 200 000 thousand Dong
  • Speeding at 10 km / h 500 000 - 1 million Dong
  • Speeding at 20 km / h and more than 2-3 million Dong
  • Driving without a license 800 000 - 1. 2 million VND
  • Riding without numbers or those passports 300 000 - 400 000 thousand Dong


Here, as a matter of fact, the basic principles of road traffic on the roads of Vietnam. Nothing complicated, the main thing to be careful. After a couple of trips you will understand and will be on a par with other drivers.

Road accident

  • In this paragraph, I will tell you how to quickly and painlessly resolve such situations.
  • All motorbikes in Vietnam, which are rented, are not insured, so all damages will be paid out of your pocket.
  • If you fell off motorbike or poorly parked it, and he fell, with scratched body only, nothing serious. Return the bike in this form, it is likely that the landlord will not even notice the flaw. In the worst case, you will be charged a small amount for the repair (up to$5).
  • If you broke the headlight, dented body parts, then you will have to shell out. I'll tell you about it later.
  • If you are in an accident involving a second driver, and you have no rights, then you are found guilty and will be obliged to pay a fine. And in addition to the repair of the bike itself, on your shoulders will fall more and repair the bike of the second participant of the accident.
  • If suddenly it happened that you are in a serious accident and the bike can not be restored, then you will be required a new device or its cost. The main thing is not to panic and not to agree to all the conditions of the owner, you rented transport. They can charge you a lot more than the situation requires.

How and where to repair a motorbike?

In Nha Trang there are enough services for repairing motorbikes. From large, which are in the sales salons, ending with small, based in the courtyards of his own home. Below I will give you the approximate prices for the repair of bikes, based on which you will be able to navigate the repair of the bike.

  • Wheel repair (puncture, etc. ) 10-20 thousand Dong
  • Damage to the body (depending on the severity of damage) from 150 thousand Dong to 1 million Dong
  • Repair headlights 200-800 thousand dongs
  • Repair mirrors 50-150 thousand dongs
  • Swap wheels 100-120 thousand Dong

After an accident on a rented vehicle, the first thing you need to do is contact the owner. If the damage is not serious, the amount of repair can be agreed without leaving the service. But if the damage caused to the bike is significant, it is necessary to go to the garage and settle all the issues already there.

Most often, the owner of the bike and the garage in collusion, so the price for you will be inflated by 1. 5-2 times. Do not hesitate to bargain about it. If you refuse to bargain, ask to go to another service. As a rule, after such an offer you will be inferior in price.

If you are involved in an accident that caused the victim, the first thing you need to do is contact the Embassy of your country. In any case, do not offer bribes to anyone! Since in this situation you may face prison, and the money will only worsen your situation.

Types of fraud in renting and how to recognize it

And the last thing I'll tell you in my article is fraud as a separate form of art when renting bikes in Vietnam.

Renting a bike on your first trip, I was offered to buy the rights of the category A in the place of renting.

I was told for A long time that everything is legal and absolutely transparent, and all people here use it. But this is not true, in any case do not get fooled by such persuasions! Yes, now the authorities have toughened the punishment for the sale of fake documents, and I no longer met such proposals, but in any case you need to be very careful in this matter. Because it is easier and cheaper to pay a fine for driving without a license than to prove to no avail that it is a real right, this making a lot more problems.

The second type of fraud is the deposit. If the passport is clear that it is not necessary to leave it, with a cash Deposit a little more difficult. When making a lease, be sure to specify the amount of cash collateral, because renters specifically miss this point.

And the third is the theft of rented vehicles. This is rare, but you need to understand that no one is immune. The scheme here is quite simple, as soon as you drove away from the rental point on the newly rented bike, you begin to follow as soon as you parked the scooter and went a decent distance, your motorbike start a second key and steal. To avoid this, take the bikes only in proven rental locations. And at night, leave on guarded Parking lots and garages.

That's all, I hope my knowledge will help you in the future. Have a good rest and successful trips!

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